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Company culture

Locating language: professional supply of metal wire forming equipment

Corporate mission: create value for customers, create happiness for employees, and create wealth for society

1.Being able to provide value to customers is fundamental to the survival of the company. Only when customers pay for our value, our work makes sense.

2. Constantly innovating customer value depends on the hard work of every employee. Employees can exert their ability and create value on the company platform, and will share the fruits of labor and share a happy life.

3. Employees can continuously improve and grow on the company platform, create value for customers and form a virtuous circle. This is a process of creating wealth for the society.

Enterprise Vision: To build China's leading brand of automated wire bending equipment

Business area: Focused on market and customer demand, focusing on the segmentation of wire bending equipment in automation equipment

Leading brand: Through continuous learning, realistic and innovative, we focus on the R&D and improvement of wire forming equipment, do word-of-mouth, tree brand, and make leading brands in different fields.