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Office stationery

Office stationery is a small object, but it enhances the happiness of life from the details.New stationery has attracted many fans both in terms of quality and in terms of design sense, and many stationery have brought the "design sense" into full play, making stationery go beyond the "stationery" itself.

彩色小夹子Colored metal folder_副本.jpg

  UnionSpring US-20 (production line diameter range 0.3-2.5mm) is specially designed for creative stationery manufacturers to provide product molding solutions to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturers.According to the working conditions on the display screen, yonglian 20 can modify the outer diameter and Angle of products at any time.It is equipped with precision detection and tracking equipment, which can automatically stop the unqualified products and reduce the defective rate and cost